My world my view my blog my news

Ok here goes. I have been trying to sort out my previous blog using google but to no avail.
So I have started a new one.
I hope to update on a regular basis at least weekly. But no promises.

For those of you who do not know me this is what I look like ,


I am 49 , divorced mum to 5 adult children 4 I gave birth to one informally adopted all unconditionally loved.
Rebecca is 27 married to Carl, Elizabeth 26 married to James, Chris 24 married to Gemma with one. Baby Harry and one on the way, Hannah 21 and finally Adam 20
I am proud of each and everyone of my children they are all working their way through life in their own unique way.
They have never bought trouble to the house, done drugs or drank to excess on a regular basis , yes they have all partied and enjoyed life but in a healthy way.


These are my girls more pics to follow.
Well wont offer too much to start with


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