Alphabet Thursday D is for……..

Ok I am back on the alphabet Thursday journey.i have a new blog but it is still the same old me.
This round I have deffinatly decided that the delightful letter D will be assigned to our delightfully delicate decorations.
The tree was put up unusually early for us on December 1st. It was an amazing purchase from ikea.
Hannah is very sure of the type of tree that would look good. Not to tall not to short not to thin . Finally the perfect tree was selected and paid for.

It spent the first night in a shed in Liversedge then carried on its journey to market Drayton.
Night two it sat naked in the bay only getting dressed for its performance on the Monday night.

Hannah had decreed that this year there was to be none of the old decorations eg no Gold. Strictly red silver and white.
I in turn gave all the unwanted decorations to a friend who was starting again . To be honest it was vey liberating .

As you will see there is a traditional angel on top , only because Hannah could not find a suitably trendy one.


The next part of our decorating is the mantle piece. Now normally this is first to go Up on 1st Dec, my nativity .
This is the Second advent outing for this wonderful nativity, it was the last gift from my Dad.


Then there are the stockings, this year Hannah and Becky had a loft sort out and uncovered even more stockings , they will be very useful when I have been blessed with my full quota of grandchildren.
There are only five of us her on Christmas morning but the pets need a stocking hence the six.


Ok that is nearly all for now cards will decorate doors and other it’s and bobs but the main ones are sorted .

I hope you have enjoyed this peep at our decorations .
I am linking this to Alphabet Thursday please pop over here to see other Delectable D’s.Alphabet Thursday


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