Santa Squirrell

Ok it is Saurday centus 5 days late.
I have to turn a cute picture of a Santa hat wearing squirrel into something worth reading

Number of words: Up to 100
Style of writing: FIRST PERSON ummm… I mean…FIRST SQUIRREL (mwahahaha!)
Please visit Jenny she has lots of other contributions to read.

Here goes mine .

Santa Squirrel

I am Santa squirrel short with bushy tail
But what I lack in height I more than make up for with my sneakiness.
Stealing nuts and burrowing deep for when the snow comes and Santa lands with sleigh in tow.
No presents for me I am on the naughty list unlike the cheeky children who tease me all year round.
I find my food in unlikely places bottom of the park bin is the new favourite.
Don’t like the gum that gets stuck on my paws spat out by disgusting chewers.
And don’t like this season Bah Humbug

Saturday Centus


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